Mediterranean Diet

Food List

The essential foods for your pantry

Extra virgin olive oil is traditionally the primary cooking fat of the Mediterranean Diet. It is used for almost everything; salad dressings, marinades, roasting, sauté, baking, desserts, and more.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

According to experts, Mediterranean Diet includes seafood twice weekly. It is quick and easy to prepare, and there are many recipes for all levels of cooking experience.

Fish and Seafood

The Mediterranean Diet is a plant-based way of eating. Primarily it comprises vegetables, grains,  legumes, and fruits. These should be part of your daily meals.

Fruits and Vegetables

Legumes - also known as pulses - are a good source of protein, various nutrients, and dietary fiber. In addition, they are budget-friendly, making them ideal for those meals.


Herbs and Spices

Reduce the use of salt and replace it with herbs and spices. They add a ton of flavor. Also, herbs and spices contain abundant antioxidants while adding minimal or zero calories to your meals.

Nuts and Seeds

They are nutritious, high in healthy fats, and do not need refrigeration. Just keep an eye on the portion sizes (only a handful), as they are quite calorie-dense.

Mediterranean Diet Food List

Following the Mediterranean Diet is very easy and budget-friendly.  Download our free detailed Mediterranean Diet Shopping List to help stock your pantry and make your weekly meal plans.

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